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Become a UIUX Designer in 2 Months

Gain the skills to design user-friendly interfaces with our flexible online course. 3 days/week, learn from industry experts.

Starts 3 Jun'24
M-W-F: Mor & Eve Batch

Who is it for

Are you one of them?

Beginners with no prior experience: Take your first step into the UI/UX world with a solid foundation built from scratch.

Career changers: Transition smoothly into a fulfilling design career with guidance and industry insights.

Design enthusiasts: Deepen your understanding and skillset to reach the next level.

whats included

Course Syllabus

  • What is UI/UX design?
  • The role of UI/UX designers
  • Understanding the UX design process
  • Importance of user-centered design
  • UX design principles and heuristics
  • Conducting user research
  • Techniques for gathering user insights
  • Creating user personas and empathy maps
  • User journey mapping
  • Analyzing user needs and goals
  • Understanding information architecture (IA)
  • Organizing content and navigation systems
  • Wireframing techniques and tools
  • Creating low-fidelity wireframes
  • Iterative wireframe refinement
  • Introduction to visual design
  • Color theory and color psychology
  • Typography and font selection
  • Visual hierarchy and layout composition
  • Applying branding and style guides
  • Overview of UI design tools (Figma)
  • Creating high-fidelity UI mockups
  • Interactive prototyping techniques
  • Translating wireframes to UI designs
  • Collaborative design workflows
  • Fundamentals of interaction design
  • Designing intuitive user interactions
  • Microinteractions and their importance
  • Implementing microinteractions in UI
  • Enhancing user delight through interaction design
  • Mobile UX design considerations
  • Responsive design and adaptive layouts
  • Navigation patterns for mobile apps
  • Mobile usability guidelines
  • Designing for touch gestures and interactions
  • Principles of web application design
  • Information hierarchy and navigation
  • Designing intuitive user interfaces
  • Best practices for form design and data entry
  • Responsive design considerations for web applications
  • UX design for e-commerce websites
  • Best practices for product listings and catalogs
  • Checkout processes and conversion optimization
  • Building trust and credibility in e-commerce
  • Mobile-first approach for e-commerce
  • Developing a UI/UX design portfolio
  • Presenting your work effectively
  • Job search strategies and interview tips
  • Industry trends and future of UI/UX design
  • Building a successful career in UI/UX design

Seminar urf Demo Class!

One to One Mentorship for each student.

Course Duration
0 h
Projects / Live work
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About the Mentor

Experienced UIUX Designer, Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry for over 11 years. Skilled in UX Design, UI Design, Front End Development and Management. Strong engineering professional with a BSc focused in Information Technology.

Students Review on Google

The engaging teaching style, combined with real-world examples, makes the learning experience enjoyable.
Shiven Makwana
As a participant in the course, the training assisted me in using UX principles to improve the usability of my client's product.
Vivek Makwana
Excellent for both beginners and experienced individuals. Covers intricate details and nuances of UIUX.
Niket Shukla
Synechron (CA)
The instructors expert guidance and interactive teaching techniques made learning effortless and enjoyable. Thank you so much.
Hardik Shah
Sportz Interactive
Keen eye for detail, deep understanding of design. He imparts insights to upscale skills & creativity.
Parth Kothari
IIFL Finance
Sir had explain very well and given deep knowledge.I will recommend this institute who want to learn about UI/UX.
Shrikant Mourya

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